• Gloria Dapaah


How do we handle thoughts of doubt and unbelief as believers?

How do we handle thoughts of doubt and unbelief as believers? These doubtful thoughts come to everyone from time to time especially during difficult times. The question then is, what actions do we take, when we experience these thoughts. Do we just voice them out of our lips, or do we hold them back and nullify these thoughts? The problem is if we say these negative thoughts, it’s like we are confessing that thought hence given it a chance to happen in our lives.

In short, voicing out doubtful and discouraging thoughts can have a repercussion on you the individual or the situation at hand. A similar instance happened in the bible in Luke 1: 18-25. It talks about when God sent the angel Gabriel to Zechariah to prophesy to him that God has heard their prayers and hence himself and his wife are going to have a baby. Looking at the natural, it was not possible for Zachariah and wife to have a baby. They were both very old. As a result, Zachariah doubted. As he said in verse 18; “Zachariah asked the angel, “How can I be sure of this? I am an old man and my wife is well along in years.””

Zachariah was looking in the natural, but God is supernatural, he makes the impossibilities possible. When we doubt, we limit the power of God. God was not pleased with Zachariah doubting, therefore commanded him through the angel Gabriel to remain silent until the appointed time for the promise to come to pass. As was spoken by the angel Gabriel, Zachariah went into a moment of silence and couldn’t speak a word until eight days after the birth of their baby; John the Baptist.

When we doubt, we limit the hands of God in our situation.

Who knows, maybe if God didn’t silent him, he would have kept on saying doubtful words to cancel the promise and blessing God put on him and his wife. That is why, we have to be very cautious about what we are saying about our situation.

Friends our unbelief and doubt can cancel God’s blessings on our lives; it can cause us to live in mediocrity; it can cause us to worry unnecessarily. Hence the very reason why we have to be careful not to voice out these negative feelings and thoughts when we get them. If we speak defeat about our situation, we are giving it a chance to happen, same way if we speak victory about our situation, we are giving it a chance to come to pass.

One way of nullifying doubtful discouraging thoughts is by developing a habit of saying positive things about ourselves and our situations all the time. Even though, some situations may look impossible, but when we speak positively and victory about it all the time, it increases our hope and faith and as a result move God to work on our behalf and turn it around for us.

When we speak positive and encouraging words about our situation all the time, it increases our faith and causes us to live happy and fulfilling lives.

I know, it is not always easy. Sometimes it may feel like you are been consumed by the problem to the extent that you feel that all hope is lost. But then, when you are able to trust God in these critical moments of your life, it really pleases God and moves him to work on your behalf. After all, that’s what true faith is about, trusting God when all hope is lost, except for what His word says. And trust me, if you exercise this kind of faith, it really touches God and causes him to move things in your favor. The answer might not be instant, but gradually you will notice that the tides of the storm are moving in your favor.

Friends, our God is a great and powerful God, and if we learn to trust him in all seasons of our lives, he will cause us to shine and experience his surpassing breakthroughs in our lives. AMEN!


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