• Gloria Dapaah


For no word from God will ever fail. (Luke 1:37)

The bible says in Luke 1:37, “For no word from God will ever fail."

Occasionally in our lives, we feel that God has put a dream or dreams in our hearts. At the initial stages, we feel great, very happy and very excited. However, as the saying goes, no good thing comes with ease. Along side the way, when the storms of life set in, we tend to forget who put the dreams in our hearts in the first place.

The same thing happened in the bible, when Jesus was walking on the sea. Peter and the other disciples saw Jesus and they were amazed. Hence, Peter requested to walk on the sea with Jesus. Jesus agreed and asked Peter to come on the water with him. When Peter started, he was doing great until the winds started blowing hard. He took his eyes off Jesus and was focused on the storm. As a result, he started drowning and Jesus pulled him up by his hand. As believers, we need to fix our eyes on God all the time, both in good and in bad times, so we do not drift away with the pressures life will throw at us.

The storms of live will come, but if we have our eyes fixed on God all the time, we shall always come out victoriously.

The truth is when God puts a dream in our hearts, nothing can stop it from coming to pass unless we allow that thing in. It may not come with ease, but no word of God will ever fail. Whatever he has said about our lives will surely and definitely come to pass.

In the scriptures, we’ve heard of and read about a lot of mighty men of God who persevered in faith and experienced the surpassing glory of God in their lives. A typical example is Joseph. Joseph had a dream at a very young age that, he was going to be great in future. His siblings hated him because of his dreams. However, that didn’t stop Joseph, he kept hoping on in faith. One thing happened after the other. There was a time, that he ended up in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. All these didn’t cause Joseph to give up, he kept on in faith and behold, one day he went from being a prisoner to becoming a prime minister. How wonderful is that. That is the power of the God that we serve. When we feel like all hope and chances are gone, that’s when he shows up and give us beauty for the ashes.

When it feels like all hope and chances are gone, that's when God steps in and give us beauty for the ashes.

Friends, our God is a covenant keeping God. His promises to us are Yes and Amen in his name, no word from him will ever fail. That is why we do not have to be moved by the winds and storms here and there. Our God is bigger and mightier than all that life will throw at us. And if we will keep hoping in him, he will bring us out of every difficulty victoriously.

Let us learn to put our ultimate trust in him, so we can live to see all our dreams come to pass. AMEN!


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