• Gloria Dapaah


When God decides to bless you, nothing can stand in the way of his blessings coming to pass in your life. We serve a mighty God.

As believers, God has a set time for each and everyone of us to experience his breakthroughs in our lives. There are seasons in life, where we all must go through a waiting period. During this waiting period, the devil tries to use different forms of challenges to make this harder for us. If he can cause us to be discouraged and give up, then if care is not taken, we might miss out on our breakthrough periods. However, by the special grace of the God that we serve, he is always around to lift us when we feel low, as a result the devil’s effort to stop our blessings always end up in vain.

The devil may always try his best attempt to stop us from experiencing the full blessings of God, but the truth is, when God is on our side, his best will never be enough. You maybe currently going through the waiting period, and it is no doubt that it can be difficult during these moments. However, if you will keep holding on in faith till his set time, the blessings of God that will come upon you will boggle your mind. The God that we serve is a supernatural God, he can even go against the laws of nature just to make our blessings come through. He is the all-powerful God.

It could be that you are waiting for a breakthrough in your career, in your health, in your marriage, in your finances, etc. Whatever that you may be waiting on God for, if you will keep on to the faith and not give up, that set time for your blessings will be here before you even know it. And behold, when that set time arrives, nothing can stop these blessings from coming to pass.

It is no doubt that waiting on God for answers to our prayers can be very hard, but when we put our complete faith and trust in him, he will give us the strength the carry us through.

In Genesis 30:25-43, the bible talks about how Jacob lived with his uncle Laban and worked for him over a period of 14 years. At the beginning of his stay in Laban’s household, Jacob showed interest in Laban’s second daughter, Rachel. As a result, Jacob made an agreement to work for Laban for seven years and in exchange, give Rachel out to him for marriage. Jacob worked hard for those seven years. Laban’s flocks increased making him very wealthy. The scripture says, because of the love Jacob had for Rachel, he worked hard without even noticing.

Now the seven-year period ended. Jacob had completed his part of the agreement. However, Laban failed to keep his promise. He gave Leah (his first daughter) out to Jacob to marry instead of Rachel. This was unfair. Laban was dishonest. I’m sure Jacob was very disappointed. However, instead of getting discouraged and upset, he did the opposite. He held on to his faith and signed another seven-year agreement to work for Laban in return for Rachel’s hand in marriage. You maybe currently going through a disappointment, the devil will love for you to be overwhelmed and give up. However, in the phase of a disappointment, a greater thing to do is to hold on in faith and keep fighting till you see your breakthrough. I like this quotation from the Late Pastor John Osteen, it says,

Great it is to dream the dream, when you stand in youth by the starry stream, but a greater thing is to fight life through and say in the end……….. THE DREAM IS TRUE!

It always feels great when God puts a dream in our hearts, however, occasionally, the dream may be too big to the extent that people will doubt. Nevertheless, when we fight off discouragement, disappointment and other oppositions to see the dream come to pass, it will be easier for people to recognize that “YES!” God put that dream in our hearts.

Jacob continued to work diligently for the second seven-year period, and as agreed Laban gave Rachel out to him for marriage. Now Jacob told his uncle he wanted to leave with his family to his father’s land. Laban thought about all the hard work Jacob had done for him and he felt guilty that he has hardly paid Jacob anything. Thus, Laban asked Jacob to name his price. However, Jacob refused any money but instead he asked his uncle if he could have all the sheep and goats that were spotted and streaked in color. Laban was very fascinated with this idea, the animals with these colors were few, so he quickly agreed.

Laban being very crafty as always, he sneaked out in the middle of the night and took all the spotted and streak animals away so that the solid colored ones left cannot mate with them. This way, there was a very little chance of getting offspring that are spotted and streaked. However, Laban forgot that God who puts those offspring in the animals created the heavens and the earth and that he can make every impossible situation possible. The favor of God was on Jacob and as a result, those solid colored animals mated, and their offspring were all spotted and streaked. That meant Jacob had all the offspring there were born. Laban was confused and unhappy. He decided to change the agreement for about three times. Each time, all the offspring that were born were in the color they had agreed for Jacob to have. This made Jacob have lots of flocks than his uncle Laban.

In the end, Jacob said to his uncle, “Laban you would have sent me out without anything, but God have seen how unfair you’ve treated me, that’s why he has vindicated me.”

Maybe you are going through some disappointments, some unfair situations that you don’t understand, but if you keep holding on to your faith, a time will come that God will open up his blessings upon your life in such a way that you will be astonished.

It is my prayer that God gives us the strength to hold on to our faith till we see his breakthroughs in every area of our lives. AMEN!


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